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 Making images
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The easiest way to create images on the fly with ASP and other scripts!

Visit the download page to download the latest version.

ShotGraph is a COM application providing powerful image manipulation capabilities. This software lets you both create new and modify existing images on the fly. You can use it on Web server side in your Web applications (especially ASP) as well as on desktop computers for batch image processing with .vbs scripts, VBA MS Office applications, VB applications etc. ShotGraph works on any version of Win32 operation system, such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7.

The following scenarios illustrate some of types of tasks you can write using ShotGraph:
Overlay two or more images together (optionally with semitransparency)
Place text and other graphics over images
Read and analyze digicam-specific EXIF information in image files
Resize images
Convert images to other formats
Merge images into one (optionally with overlaying)
Save webpages as images (Read more...)
You can look at the full list of ShotGraph features.

 Latest changes

   ShotGraph 3.4
The lastest version of ShotGraph contains a number of improvements. Here is the brief description of some features:
Support for the ClearType method of font smoothing.
Limitations of trial installations
Now the trial installation of ShotGraph has no any early limitations, so you can run any script tests.
New features of ShotGraph 3.4 can make your scripts and programs more useful and attractive by adding image creating/altering capabilities. Read this documents for details.
If your scripts/applications need to read EXIF, IPTC data from Jpeg images, see information about advanced EXIF & IPTC data handling.

   Updated pages
Updated script example on the examples page.
  The Upload & Resize source code package now includes additional example: the script displaying EXIF and IPTC data of uploaded image on the fly.

ShotGraph.GifAnimator v2.0
  If you need to handle animated gifs on the fly then the ShotGraph.GifAnimator component is a good solution. Although Shotgraph.GifAnimator is a separate product, but it can be used in conjunction with ShotGraph: it has special methods for exchanging images with ShotGraph imagespace.


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