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ShotGraph on 64-bit Windows

ShotGraph is a 32-bit dll COM application and, therefore, can be loaded into address space of 32-bit applications only. You can use ShotGraph on 64-bit Windows OS only if ShotGraph is called by a 32-bit application. Often ShotGraph is used in Active Server Pages (Web applications) and in WHS scripts. 64-bit Windows contains 32-bit versions of necessary applications.

Active server pages (Windows Server 2008)

To use ShotGraph in a Web application, add classic ASP to IIS role (if you haven't done so yet) and then do the following using IIS management console:
  1. Create an application pool having 32-bit applications allowed.
  2. Create a IIS application using that application pool.
  3. Test your application on some simple ASP scripts.
  4. Test your application on some ASP scripts using ShotGraph component.
  5. If you are planning to upload files in your IIS application then you may want to increase the maximal http request body size in the ASP section of application configuration.


To use ShotGraph in Windows Scripting Host (.vbs scripts), use the 32-bit version of cscript.exe or wscript.exe, located in the %windir%\SysWOW64 folder:
%windir%\SysWOW64\cscript.exe c:\scripts\runit.vbs

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