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ShotGraph.GifAnimator is a COM component that allows you to create new and alter existing gif animations on the fly. You can use this component in your ASP, VBS, VBA, VB applications and scripts, and also in other applications written on programming languages being capable of instantiating COM objects. GifAnimator can be used both in desktop and service applications to support handling animated gifs on the fly.

The current version number is 2.1.
If you have never worked with this component then the page containing description of basic concepts is a good point to start. On that page you can view the data organization of GifAnimator and comprehend several terms used in documentation.
Latest updates
15 September 2007
Version 2.1 released
The newest version of SGA gives more power to your applications. The newest additions includes such methods as WriteText, CopyTrack, Ellipse, Rectangle.
You can download this version from the download page.


Using ShotGraph.GifAnimator you can create scripts and applications doing the following:

Superpose several gif animations
Create animated and static thumbnails for gif animations
Add new frames and remove existing ones in animations
Merge several gif animations
Optionally work in conjunction with ShotGraph.Image component for altering separate frames on the fly
Make animated gifs in memory as safearrays compatible with ASP Response.BinaryWrite method


Significant reducing sizes of created gif animations.
When your application requests GifAnimator to create a gif animation, the component performs image data analysis to minimize file size.
Easy to use.
Just with several strings of code you can add new animations to your static and animated gifs.
Keeping transparency information.
If source animated gif has transparent areas, GifAnimator tries to keep them, for example, for such operations as resizing and superposing.
Compatible with any version of Win32 operation system.
Win9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

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