The ApplyPalette function rebuilds image from the current imagespace so it matches the specified palette.

ApplyPalette [vDither]


Specified whether it is necessary to perform image differing. The True value means the differing will be performed. The default value is False.


Like the BuildPalette method, this function is designed to turn image into form capable to be represented on file format/device with limited number of colors (WAP, for example, see also WbmpImage). However, in the opposite from BuildPalette, the ApplyPalette does not alter the table of indexed colors. It alters only the image making it the most closely matched with the color table.
The color table is defined by SetColor function calls. The color table size is defined by third parameter of CreateImage and, optionally, by ChangePaletteSize method.

See the Palettes article on ShotGraph Web site.