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EXIF, IPTC image data

     The most of photo digicams write additional data to photo images. That data may contain various information about image and shoot conditions: digicam model, date and time, flash mode, distance to object etc. Format of those extra data is called EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format).
     ShotGraph allows reading that data for analyzing with your scripts or binary applications. For example, you can select photos where flash was not used. The GetImageInfo method of ShotGraph does the job. Using that method you can extract EXIF data in one call. You can extract as raw EXIF data as EXIF data converted into human-readable form. For example, you can get the string 'flash fired' as a result of quering camera flash state during image creation. The example is present in the documentation on the page describing the GetImageInfo method.
     ShotGraph also supports reading IPTC data (only from Jpeg images) using the same GetImageInfo method. IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) data contain additional text information about image as 'key' -- 'value' pairs. For example, 'Object name', 'City', 'State' etc.

See also: Code sample listing EXIF data from JPEG into HTML table (and result)

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