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What is ShotGraph

In the June, 1997 the first version of ShotGraph was released. The primary goal was optimization and extension of image processing methods for online job. The software was designed as a COM application for supporting image manipulations in other applications. Choosing to install ShotGraph onto your server or desktop computer, you choose more than five years of continuous experience in practical realization of fast image processing methods.

ShotGraph is a COM automation server (COM component) that expands capabilities of script engines installed on your Win32 machine: ShotGraph gives them ability to create new images on the fly and handle existing ones. ShotGraph is a powerful add-on for your scripts and binary applications. You can use ShotGraph with such scripting systems as Windows Scripting Host (.vbs, vbscript), Visual Basic, VBA, ASP, Perl for Windows and others. ShotGraph lets you create images having content defined by your scripts/applications on the fly.

If you are a Web application developer, ShotGraph will give additional power to your Internet and intranet applications. The main advantage is the fact that Web client needn't to install and run additional software. All modern Web clients can show inline images in HTML documents and, therefore, your attractive dynamic WWW document can be easy viewed by your readers, independently on installed on their computers software, without any software incompatibility, software absence and client overloading problems. With ShotGraph, you can handle images on server side in your Web applications as easy as usual text and html documents.


Creating thumbnails and screenshots of websites
Handling GIF, JPG, BMP, WMF, PNG, TIFF formats
Creating images in GIF, JPEG, WBMP (for WAP), PNG, TIFF, BMP formats
Fast creating thumbnail images
Compatible with: Win9x, NT 4.0, Win2000, WinXP & Win2003
Placing texts in any fonts over images
Quick retrieving information about any JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, WMF, TIFF image file before actual reading picture
Extracting EXIF and IPTC information from images
Adjusting contrast and brightness, sharpening and blurring
Transparency and semi-transparency, watermarking
Accepting images from database and sending generated images to database
Handling images in binary safearrays as well as images in disk files.
Mixing different images together
Creating animated GIFs
Creating gradient fills
ASP Response.BinaryWrite support: created image can be placed into safearray suitable for BinaryWrite
Drawing a lot of ready primitives (lines, circles etc.) over images
Importing and previewing documents created by OLE server applications, like MS Word, Excel etc.
Bitwise image operations
Image operations: rotate, flip, invert, sharpen, blur, lighten, contrast, grayscale
Windows workstation screen capturing
Quick, intellectual palette recalculation to produce good quality GIF images from photoimages

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