FontSmoothing property

Write-only. The FontSmoothing property specifies the antialiasing effect of font. With antialiasing, the font borders are smoother for better viewing. The possible values are:

0 - Default font (form system settings)
1 - Non-antialiased fonts
2 - Antialiased fonts
3 - Cleartype quality fonts

The default value is 0. If you want to change the font antialiasing, you should set this propery before appropriate CreateFont calling.

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Set g=CreateObject("shotgraph.image")

g.CreateImage 320,200,16
g.SetColor 0,255,255,255
g.SetColor 1,0,0,0
g.SetBgColor 0
g.SetTextColor 1
g.FillRect 0,0,320,200
' Set font creation to non-antialiased mode
g.CreateFont "Arial",0,42,0,True,False,False,False
g.TextOut 0,30,"Non-Antialiased"
' Set font creation to antialiased mode
g.CreateFont "Arial",0,42,0,True,False,False,False
g.TextOut 0,120,"Antialiased"
g.BuildPalette 2
Response.BinaryWrite g.GifImage(-1,0,"")