Limitation of trial ShotGraph installation

For example, here is the small WSH script creating test.jpg image in the current directory:
'Test VBScript example
Set g = CreateObject("shotgraph.image")
g.FontSmoothing = 2

g.CreateImage 200,150,4
'White color
g.SetColor 0,255,255,255
'Black color
g.SetColor 1,0,0,0
'Blue color
g.SetColor 2,&h99,&h99,&hcc
'Yellow color
g.SetColor 3,&hcc,&hcc,&h33
g.SetBgColor 0
g.FillRect 0,0,199,149
g.SetBgColor 2
g.SetDrawColor 1
g.Ellipse 0,0,199,149
g.SetDrawColor 3
g.Rectangle 100,75,199,149
g.CreateFont "Times New Roman",0,28,0,True,True,False,False
g.SetTextAlign "TA_LEFT","TA_TOP"
g.SetTextColor 1
g.TextOut 1,1,"Example"
g.JpegImage 90,0,"test.jpg"

And its two possible outputs in case of trial and full installation:
Trial Full