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What's new in the last versions of ShotGraph

Rotate method
This method lets you easy rotate image and calculate required imagespace size to fit the rotated image.

TiffImage method
This method lets you create tiff images. Currently only uncompressed true color and CCITT4 compressed BW images are supported for this method.

BmpImage method
This method lets you create images in Windows bitmap format. You can create both true color and paletted images.

ReadUrl method
ShotGraph now lets you make thumbnails and screenshots of websites and local html documents.

Advanced EXIF, IPTC image data support
The GetImageInfo method retrieves EXIF or IPCT data from image. EXIF data contain various information about digicam options during image creation. Using ShotGraph you can read that data in your applications and analyze them. See additional information about handling EXIF images.

Now ShotGraph supports image masks. The CreateMask and MaskCopy methods are used for creating image masks and applying transparency to images.

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