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Why use ShotGraph

You can use this software if you want:
  • Create dynamic images with ASP
    Using this OLE component your ASP scripts can output graphics directly to Web client. For example, you can quickly build the image containing geometric shapes and text. The only things you need to know are the image sizes and what and where to draw!
  • Create images in other scripts, like Perl for Windows, Visual Basic for applications, VBSript from Windows Option Pack
    You can use all features of ShotGraph in others, non-ASP, scripting systems. The only requirement is the scripting system must support OLE automation. For example, you can schedule to create an image file basing on database content etc.
  • Analize image files in your scripts
    You can check image file type and its sizes.
  • Upload various files to your Web server
    ShotGraph contains enough functionality to support receiving of files from Web client. You can combine uploading with immediately analizing file content (if the file is proposed to be an image file and you need to check this).
  • Read content of your documents and represent them as graphic images
    Those documents must be created by OLE server applications. It can be Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, CorelDRAW, Visio and many others. Using ShotGraph you can create preview of those documents as images. For example, you can make visible the common content of your documents for Web readers working on others, non-Windows platforms. Their Web clients must only draw pictures, and nothing more!

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